Tesla Car Watch

To leverage the data archive I created a simple monitoring system; to alert me when Tesla Inventory contains a vehicle matching what I am looking for as well as present this for quick viewing/comparison.

Tesla Inventory Options Displayed:
flip_to_front All Wheel Drive
flip_to_front Free Supercharging
flip_to_front Model X With 7 Seats

Basic criteria, I know, but those are my two main desired options. Of course this is more of an overview and to be able to get an idea of what the car trends look like.

Interested In Car Watch Alerts?

Offering fellow Tesla Car Seekers the ability to trigger an alert based on your Tesla Option criteria is and idea swirling around in my brain....
Would you be interested? LET ME KNOW!

Active Tesla Inventory Matches

1331 Active Vehicle Matches

InActive Tesla Inventory Matches

727 Inactive Vehicle Matches

Active ModelX Tesla Inventory Matches

56 Model X Vehicle Matches