Here's The Story..

Im an analytical thinking Tesla enthusiasts, with a curious mind, interested in learning about trends within Tesla's Inventory and beyond. This of course lead to my mining Car Inventory and creating this site! Initially I was interested in how many Tesla vehicles had features like Ludicrous Speed or Rear Facing Seats, but soon I found myself asking more questions; even beyond what Ive presented here.

On Dec 14th 2017, I started archiving Car data directly from the Tesla online Inventory. This was a very 'quick and dirty' approach; just saving the data. While it was fun, for me, to run a few queries here and there I figured spending a few hours crafting a site to present this for others would be a worthy endevor.

Over the course of two evenings after work, I put together what you see here today. In total I'd say there's about 6 hours invested in the site. The site itself is written in ColdFusion using Fusebox CF Framework, Bootstrap CSS Framework, Lucee CFML Server, and MySQL database. To remove the server hosting costs, and not to mention maintenance headaches, I went with a serverless approach to publishing the site. So while the data is still being archived regularly I may not be publishing updates to the interwebs on a regular basis.

On February 12th 2017 the domain was registered and the site was published live.

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