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  • navigate_next The most miles for Tesla Used Vehicles observed was 89812 miles. Have a look at Odometer Mileage
  • navigate_next Of the 4112 Tesla Vehicles observed, 3285 do NOT require the $1200 destination fee while 827 do. What does this mean? I have no idea. But, interesting nonetheless.
  • navigate_next The most Tesla Vehicles added on January 3, 2018; with 214 Tesla's.
  • navigate_next The largest Price Change was $17,900 with 6 changes. The most changes for a Tesla VIN is 28.
  • navigate_next Smart Air Suspension accounts for the majority of Suspension on Tesla Vehicles observed.
  • navigate_next Tesla Vehicles with and without Free Supercharging enabled is about equal
  • navigate_next Autopilot 2.0 with Enhanced Autopilot accounts for the majority of Tesla Autopilot options
  • navigate_next Vehicles have notifeably more 85kWh Batteries than others.
  • navigate_next Excluding 'Older Sunroof', Body Color Roof accounts for the majority of Tesla Roof Options
  • navigate_next A large amount of 2014 Model S vehicles observed; most likely due to lease turn-ins.
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  • navigate_next Added Tesla Used Vehicle Odometer Mileage Trends
  • navigate_next Added Model X Seat Configuration Options
  • navigate_next Now displaying my personal Vehicle Monitor collection
  • navigate_next Added visibility to stats of vehicle collection
  • navigate_next Updated OpenGraph Meta Data (boring)
  • navigate_next Added this section for Quick Insights
  • navigate_next Corrected AutoPilot Model Chart
  • navigate_next New design for Options Page
  • navigate_next Created Pricing Page for overview of displayed option pricing.
  • navigate_next Display more trend data....
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